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2024 APBA Eastern/Midwest Racing Calendar

APBA affiliated clubs from all over the eastern United States and Canada are assembling their 2024 racing calendars. Are you wondering where to find the hottest ABPA outboard racing for the coming season?? Check out our calendar!

How to Use:

  • The calendar can be changed between the monthly view and a list by changing the selection at the top.

  • You can print a copy of the calendar using the print icon

  • Using the spyglass you can search for events with specific keywords, such as hosting city or racing club, but specific words such as NAC, Divisional, or if a club has included testing or a driver school.

  • Your feedback is welcome at

  • Note that the specific dates, events and sanctions should ALWAYS be confirmed with the hosting club, and with the APBA website as sanctions are approved.!

Do you want to integrate the calendar into your club website? Contact us at - it is based on a shared Google calendar and is easily linked. We are also looking for partners to assist with maintenance!


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