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APBA 2017 Minor Waiver and Release Changes

To all Race Participants, Crew and Spectators, please note that the insurance and liability rules covering minors at APBA sanctioned events have changed for 2017.

Anyone who enters the "restricted" area is considered a "Participant" and must sign a release and waiver form. This includes pit crew, racers, racing officials, family, friends, media, and any other person entering a restricted area. The restricted area is defined at each race site but does include the area immediately adjacent to the race course such as the launching area and where equipment is pitted.

Changes for 2017 - Only the new APBA Release and Waiver forms are authorized for use at APBA sanctioned events. These forms are available at the race site.

- Only original APBA Release and Waiver forms are to be used - black and white photocopies are not permitted.

- All Release and Waiver forms must be witnessed in the applicable space by an authorized event official.

- Each Release and Waiver form must be completely and accurately filled out.

- Event dates and locations must be specified. If the Release and Waiver covers a multi-day event, all dates must be annotated in the event dates portion of the form. e.g. 5/28-5/30/2017

Minor Release and Waiver Minors are defined by almost all states as anyone under 18 years of age.

Minor racers, race officials, and any other minor who enters the "hot" or "Restricted" area MUST have a release and waiver signed by ONE or BOTH legal guardians.

Minor waivers are to be signed by the parent or guardian, NOT by friends or relatives.

A minor release and waiver may be completed off-site along with notarization, as long as the copy brought to the event is the full color original. It must not be black and white or photocopied. And it must NOT be folded or damaged.

A parent or guardian must be present if the minor is participating in the event.

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