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January 2016 Update

Welcome 2016 and here's to looking forward to racing season!

At least, for most of us we did not get hit too bad with that nasty white stuff so far this year. Although some have more than their share and can keep it. The National Meeting is over. I want to thank all our "volunteers" who went to Chicago and represented us in steering our sport forward. Not a single one of them got faster from the money that was spent. An special thank you to Mike Deck & the SORC for filming the Category and HOC awards and posting them on Youtube.

Items that came out of Chicago:

  • 2016 Nationals are set for Hinton, WV.

  • Franklin, PA will host the Central Stock & J Divisionals on May 27-29 with testing on Friday.

  • The Insurance Company has made some changes to the racing courses with we will need to address and work on.

I am sure there are plenty more but I will wait until those are published. And TRORA also had some members accepting awards and honors.

  1. Nate Mitchell continues to rack up the hardware with the 2015 J Up & Coming Driver Award. This truly caps off a tremendous season for the whole Mitchell team.

  2. Jeff Williams was honored with this years Don Allen Sr Service Award for all this years of service to Racing.

Nate only has 35yrs of racing, inspecting & political service ahead of him to catch Jeff. HA! Don't worry Nate - I'm not doing all that either. Please join me in congratulating both Jeff & Nate on their achievements. They were greatly deserved. I am thinking about having our winter meeting in Mid to Late March. Will get back to everyone on the exact date once we have it. Items on the agenda:

  • Bylaws - election of officers

  • Asst Risk Manager Test

  • Race schedule

and I am sure there will be more as it gets closer. Thanks Brian


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