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Sept 2015 Update

2015 is just about done - a few more races with chances to get those last points or just one last ride before the spray freezes. Several members went to Wakefield for the National Championships and did very well.

  • Dana Holt brought home gold in 20SSH, a runner up finish in CSH and a 8th in BSR

  • Rick Wagner finished in 10th in CSR

  • Karissa Mitchell finished 9th in JH

  • Nate Mitchell won his first championship in his 2nd year in AXR and finished 6th in AXH.

Our 2nd race at Zanesville went well in one aspect and horribly wrong in the rest. We have over 120 entries, which would have made it one of biggest races in several years. The downside is we never got on the water. The lake had so much debris floating on it that despite a Herculean effort, we were never able to present a safe race site to the drivers. And we cleaned enough wood to build a fleet of boats off the top. But it seemed every time we got close, more wood seems to come off the bottom. A huge thank you to all the members (and also the non members) who worked their butts off at Zanesville. I could not have been prouder of the effort by all.

So we are heading into the offseason and looking ahead to 2016. Several members are actively looking for new race sites as we really need to find good water. If you know of any, please let myself or one of the board members know. And speaking of that, we are having elections this year - you will have received the nominations ballot already. Please vote - as this is your club and you need a voice in the direction it is going.

The 2015 End of the Season Banquet will be held on November 14th and Jesse and Tara Wards. Please mark your calendars. Additional information will be coming soon.

See you in the First Turn,


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