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July 2015 Update

As the season hits the midseason point, here are a couple of notes: First of all - I want to congratulate Silvestri Racing for a 1st and a 2nd in 350MH & 500MH NAC in Kingston, TN. Moose's hard work in the garage and Joe's hard driving is proving to be once again a combo that gets attention. The 36-S will be hard to beat the rest of the year. Also returning from Kingston, is the 5-P, of Jeff Williams. While also campaigning in 500MR, Jeff was also doing his Inspector duties for all the Mod classes. Something he will be doing again in Wakefield.

Second - I need to inform you that lifetime member Jon Brewster took a tumble about a month ago. Seems like the dog chopped him and he barrel rolled down the stairs. End result was several broken vertebrae for Jon and a red card for the dog. Jon is home and resting, somewhat comfortably with a back brace. Word is that the brace will be off by Sept. Seriously, it was a very serious incident and we all hope for a speedy recovery for Jon.

Now for more racing stuff - Franklin went rather well. Friday we got in the Drivers School but blew out the testing. The rest of the weekend was great (a bit chilly in the am but beautiful the rest of the day). Entries were about the same, so there is some work to be done there.

TRORA's 2nd race of the season is the Buckeye Challenge at Dillon Lake in Zanesville, OH on Aug 15-16. This will be our usual Mod, Stock & J program with also the Pro 125 & Antiques. Hopefully with this being 2 weeks after the Wakefield Nationals and 2 weeks before Dayton, we will get a very good turnout. We will also be winterizing the equipment on Sunday as we put everything away, so please plan on lending a hand in this effort.

For those heading to Wakefield in search of Championship Gold, I hope all your speed is great and your eliminations heats are week.

See you in the First Turn,


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