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End of Summer 2014

I hope everyone is doing well as all the kids are heading back to school and the racing weekends are counting down. First of all, I would like to Thank everyone who took time out of their summer to come to the Work/ Winterize Party. I especially want to thank Jack & Joan! We had a great crew and really a ton of things accomplished. All the boats have been cleaned (including the rubber boat, which even has no sand in the bottom), all the motors have had gear lube changed and been winterized (including one of the 9.9 getting a new kill switch and the 40 getting it's prop reworked). We took an inventory off all the Van stuff, we know what we need for 2015 and what we don't. Overall, I could not have asked for more to be done in the time we had and I thank each and everyone who stepped up to help.

We also held a small meeting and discussed some new race sites and other items for the 2015 year. More on that when things get more finalized.

I would also like for everyone to mark their calendars for Oct 25th. That will be the date of the TRORA Banquet. Once again, I thank Jesse and Tara Ward for agreeing on hosting the banquet this year. Please look for an official invite coming soon.

Finally, please keep all of our members who are not doing as well in your thoughts. That goes especially for Gloria Deck and Jeff Williams who are continuing their battles with Cancer and will be undergoing Chemo Therapy soon. Also for longtime member Ron Saxvik, who had a pump installed to help blood flow. Ron had been doing really well and was discharged on the 14th. However, he developed complications and is back in the hospital. We are all hoping that whatever is wrong can be corrected and Ron will once again be back on the recovery road.



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