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Summer 2021 News

The Summer is rushing by and it is 180 from last year!

I want to congratulate those that went to the 2021 Springfield Nationals (see attached) and represented TeamTRORA in the finest fashion. Couldn't be prouder of all drivers and Teams.


1st 125MH Karissa Mitchell 50-S

1st CSH Dana Holt 3-S

2nd AXR Karissa Mitchell 50-S

2nd AXH Karissa Mitchell 50-S

2nd ASH Nate Mitchell 44-S

2nd 20SSH Dana Holt 3-S

3rd 500MR Nate Mitchell 17-P

4th 350MR Nate Mitchell 5-P

4th 200MR Karissa Mitchell 50-S

9th 500MR Travis Rice 66-P

10th 350MH Scott Miller 17-P

11th ASR Nate Mitchell 44-S

Quick rundown -

The start of Championship week started off with great as TeamTRORA's resident "girl power" Karissa Mitchell took to the water in AXR. She was driving a new "old" boat as Wings racing just acquired Carl Holts ZCraft runabout. That boat has always been fast at Nationals, and it proved it again with Karissa drove the old Zorkin to a 2nd place overall finish.

Next up was TeamTRORA's Nate Mitchell piloted the brand new 350MR of Williams Racing and drove the varnish off it. That he finished 4th is not the story - that he finished 4th after jumping the 2nd start by a nose and outran 2 ringers in the that heat is the story. Nate drove the Clearwater runabout for everything it had and then some.

Not to be outdone, Karissa took the Wings Racing 125MH and blew away the competition with a sweep of both heats and TeamTRORA first championship of the week. Karissa showed speed and driving to work through the field and put the 50-S out front.

Next up was 500MR and "Driver for Hire" Nate Mitchell jumped into the 17-P and drove it like it was his everyday ride. Nate put together 2 great heats, some hard driving and ended up with a 3rd place overall finish.

Adding to her already impressive haul of trophies, Karissa Mitchell grabbed another in AXH, with a 2nd place finish. She won heat 1 but a pinched start put her behind in heat 2 and while she drove through the field, she ran out of laps as she chased the lead. Was still a very impressive run.

Next up in ASH, Nate Mitchell drove his ASH to another podium finish and a 2nd overall finish.

In 20SSH, TRORA's own King of 20, Dana Holt was poised to add another gold to the case. He was dominant in qualifying and ran away in heat 1. In heat 2- the racing luck bit him as a pinch at the start put him mid pack, but an impressive run through the pack had him right behind Mikey Pavlick but it wasn't enough for the overall win. The 3-S ended up with 2nd on time and a silver finish.

However, in CSH, the tables turned. Dana Holt was just an impressive in qualifying and when the final came, it was once again Holt vs Pavlick. This time the 3-S was on the right side of the times and won his first CSH title.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the great runs by our other Team Drivers. Let's start with Travis Rice - in only his 3rd season in 500MH, he put together 2 great runs to qualify and then finished 9th overall in the final. This is a great accomplishment in a short time. And in 350MH, Scott Miller jumped into the 17-P and outran some top competition to qualify and finish 10th overall.


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