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TRORA 2017 National Championships Review

TRORA 2017 National Championships Review

TRORA had many of their members attend both the Mod & Pro National Championship in Constantine, MI and the Stock & J National Championship in Grass Lake, MI. The following drivers went up against the best in the country, all chasing the 1-US: Brian Williams, Joe Silvestri, Nate Mitchell, Karissa Mitchell, Mac Miller, Rick Wagner and Dana Holt. And one owner, Jeff Williams.

At the Mod & Pro Nationals & J North American Championship, the results were:

K Pro – 2nd Karissa Mitchell

200MR – 3rd Nate Mitchell

AXH – 2nd Karissa Mitchell

500MH – 4th Joe Silvestri

500MR – 3rd Jerry Davids driving the 5-P for Jeff Williams

350MR – 1st Nate Mitchell driving the 5-P for Jeff Williams

At the Stock & J Nationals Championships, the results were:

JH – 4th Mac Miller

AXH – 4th Karissa Mitchell

AXR – 4th Karissa Mitchell

CSH – 5th Dana Holt

20SSH – 1st Dana Holt a 3peat Champion

Team TRORA consisting of Dana Holt, Rick Wagner, DVORA Scott Glossner and SOA Scott Reed won the Wild One’s Golf Scramble as well.

Congrats to all Team TRORA who did so well, especially Dana Holt and Nate Mitchell.

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