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Jeff Williams - APBA Honor Squadron Inductee

Three Rivers Outboard Racing Association is thrilled to announce that our very own Jeff Williams was honored at the 2017 APBA National Meeting in Los Angeles, CA with an induction into the APBA Honor Squadron. This recognition is the highest of APBA’s award programs, and recognizes outstanding individuals who have made distinguished contributions to the sport of power boat racing.

Jeff has been around boats his entire life but finally got behind the wheel of a race boat in 1980, and has been involved in all facets of organized powerboat racing ever since. After racing only a short time Jeff got involved as an inspector at local races but has grown to take on many roles, including Commodore of TRORA, Modified Outboard Commissioner, Modified Outboard Chairman, J Committee Member, Chief Inspector and Tech Committee Chairman. Along the way Jeff has initiated a number of improvements to the sport he loves. Most recently Jeff returned outboard racing to the waters of the Allegheny River in Kittanning, PA in 2016 for the very successful Riverbration festival, and plans are already underway for 2017.

Congratulations Jeff on this well-deserved honor - we are humbled you are part of TRORA!

About Honor Squadron

Established in 1953 as a feature of the Association’s 50th anniversary celebration, a special committee set up guidelines for selecting inductees. Along with several prominent boating journalists, the committee chose 10 charter members who were participants from APBA’s first 39 years. Later limiting the number of members selected annually, the council decide to induct only three members, with special approval required for additional selections. Currently, over 100 outstanding men and women compose the Squadron.

Participants from all areas of the sport are considered for membership. Drivers, owners, designers, builders and engineers, as well as organizers and officials, may be selected. Inductees receive certificates and medals presented at the Association’s Annual Meeting.

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