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Kittanning - A Great Success!

All -

From all accounts the weekend was a huge success, especially since it was the first time event (many things have changed in 20 yrs). Big Thanks to my Mom & Dad for all the work they put in, not only getting us back there but all the sponsorship. This was a full year of work to get us on site with everything that we had. And they also went to all the mall shows and got people signed up for the school.

The Driver School was a huge success - thanks to Mike and Dave Deck, Brian Mitchell and several others for running the program. Not only did you get everyone through the program but you might have a couple of drivers for next year. This was absolutely tremendous!!

The racing was very successful. With 87 entries per day and some full fields, that is a very good number. Every drivers got some tow money on Sun, which should help for next years entries. Huge Thanks to Dana for stepping in and running the show. And finally, a thank you to the whole race Committee for everything going so smoothly and for all the Governors and members who helped set up, teardown and winterize the equipment for next year.

Once again, thanks to everyone who stepped up and made Kittanning the successful event that it was!!



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