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April 2015 Commodore's Report

As that nasty white stuff is finally melting away, it is time to gear up for the racing season!

Things at TRORA World Headquarters have been a little crazy and I did not want to say anything until it was signed and delivered.

If you have not already, I want to direct everyone to the new and improved website Brian Mitchell has done a tremendous job with the redesign, making the website much cleaner and easier to navigate. Additional content will be coming as the season progresses. I want to thank Brian for all his effort and hard work.

In regards to races - we have had some mixed results.

The race site at Lakeview, OH has been put on hold for 2015. We hope to revisit for 2016.

The race at Alexandria, KY for early May never got off the ground. The site does not want a spring race.

So our first race will be Franklin, PA on May 23-24. We will be having our normal Stock, Mod & J program with also the addition of the 302SSH NAC and the Eastern Pro Racing Series with 125H & 250H. This should be something to see with the drivers using the entire lake and beach starts. On Friday, 5/22, we will also be hosting a Drivers School in the morning with testing after the completion of the school. This is going to be a ton of work to accomplish, so the more hands the better. Please help out wherever you can.

We are currently working on 2 more sites and hopefully will have additional info on those in the coming weeks.

I have also attached a membership application to this message. If you have not already joined, please do. Going forward, I will only be sending emails to those that are 2015 members.

I hope everyone plans for 2015 are coming along and I will see you at Franklin!

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