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Flooded at Delaware

As much as things change, the more they stay the same. Much like 2013, the 2014 race at Delaware, OH was cancelled. Last year it was the wind that kept us on the beach, this year there was no beach. With the water level 14ft above "normal", we had more water than we knew what to do with.

However, just because we did not race, does not mean a lot of hard work should go unrecognized. A huge Thank you to Carl & Pat Holt for once again handling the Transportation of the club rig down and back. I really can not express how much I appreciate their help. Doesn't matter how great the water or how big the race might be - if we can not get our club equipment to the site, there is no race. I also want to thank Dana Holt for all the hours put in setting up the race, from sending in the first permit to coordinating with the local park guy to getting Jim Sweeney to pop over and have a look at the lake. Until you experience it first hand, it is hard to understand all the little details that must be done behind the scenes in order to host a successful event. And not to be over looked, Jim and Amy Sweeney for hosting the crew party each year at their home. Now we are gearing up for Franklin, PA on May 23-25. Sanctioned testing on Friday and our usual program. We are hoping for a great weekend (both weather and turnout), as we could really use it. I hope to see all members there and remember, if you got some spare time, lend a hand or 2. TRORA is only as strong as our members. Also please put on your calendar July 5-6 for our final race of 2014 at Akron, OH. More on Akron to come later. TRORA has also selling raffle tickets towards a new Kindle Fire (or cash value). Winner to be drawn at Akron (but does not need to be present). Many members have tickets to sell, or if you want, you can send me your $$ and I will send you some tickets. Price is $5 per ticket or 5 for $20. And finally, most of you know about Jeff Williams and his battle with bladder cancer. He was scheduled to have his bladder removed on May 7th, but the surgery was cancelled. He will be going to the Dr this week for the latest biopsy results and to discuss the future course of action. As always, your thoughts are appreciated. See everyone at Franklin (with hopefully warm temps, glass water and tons of boats). Thanks Brian

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